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Paydimension is an online platform that deals on digital products and payments. You can buy airtime, data, electricity, cable subscription, insurance, betting and so much more at the cheapest rates, anywhere.

Download our app from the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore, open it and click to register a new account.

No. It's not compulsory to provide a Referral ID while signing up on Paydimension. However, to upgrade to a Product Ambassador, you must supply the Referral ID of the person who introduced you to our platform if you didn't already do so.

Registration on Paydimension is free and would always be.

On your home screen after logging in, click on "FUND" at the top under Main Wallet to display your unique virtual account number. Make a bank deposit or transfer to that number and your funds will be credited instantly to your Main Wallet.

No. You can deposit as much money as you wish to your wallet at anytime.

There is no limit to how much you can spend on Paydimension in a day.

There are many ways to earn on Paydimension:

  • Cashback on personal purchases.
  • Commission on referral purchases.
  • Commission on referral upgrade.
  • Massive discounts on personal purchases through our weekly Cloud Offers.
  • Huge cash rewards through our Product Ambassador programmes

Yes. The referral system on Paydimension forms the major backbone of our reward system. You can refer your friends to download the app and signup for free using your unique Referral ID.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer on Paydimension. The more people you refer, the more you increase your earning potentials via commissions and cash rewards.

Log into the app, click on the picture icon located at the top left position of your home screen to open your profile settings. Click on "Copy Referral Code" and your unique Referral ID will be copied to clipboard.

Paydimension uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to compute the total worth of purchases performed by your referrals (both direct and indirect) over a week to arrive at a suitable discount for your next purchases in the following week. These discounts are in addition to the personal purchase cashback you would normally receive.

This discount will only apply when you click on Cloud Offers to make your purchase from there.

The higher the purchase strength of your cloud network (combination of your direct and indirect referrals), the higher your cloud offer per week. This is the more reason you should refer as many people as you can to join Paydimension, signup for free and begin to make purchases with us.

As your network grows, our system promotes you from Level 1 through Level 7. At each level a new product is unlocked for you on which you can use your cloud offer to enjoy amazing discounts when purchasing for yourself.

Purchases done with Cloud Offers are capped per week across the different levels. Once you have exhausted your maximum purchase limit, new ones will be processed with normal rates until your next cloud review the following week when your accumulated purchase volumes will reset to zero.

All you need to enjoy our Cloud Offers is to refer many friends and encourage them to buy with Paydimension. No activations is required, it's free!

A Paydimension Product Ambassador is a promoter of our brand who influences others to use our products and gets them to equally signup to become our ambassador. As our Product Ambassador, you have the responsibility of reaching out to many people to explain the use-case and benefits of our products and also convince them to upgrade their account to become a Product Ambassador just like you. We intend to build a growing network of product influencers for our brand through this programme.

We reward our Product Amabassadors based on their results from signing up new users and getting them activated. As you grow through our 7 levels, you're presented with different tasks which you must complete in order to receive your cash rewards.

When you activate as a Product Ambassador, you stand to enjoy the following:

  • 10% commission on all your referral upgrades.
  • Higher cashback on personal purchases.
  • Higher commission on referral purchases.
  • Higher discounts on cloud offers.
  • Unlock huge cash rewards through 7 levels.

Below are the projected cash rewards you can earn as a Product Ambassador:

  • Up to N3,000 at Level 1
  • Up to N50,000 at Level 2
  • Up to N200,000 at Level 3
  • Up to N500,000 at Level 4
  • Up to N1,500,000 at Level 5
  • Up to N4,200,000 at Level 6
  • Up to N8,400,000 at Level 7

You can earn commulative of over N14,000,000 when you participate in our Product Ambassador programmes.

Have at least N20,000 in either of your Main or Commission Wallets. On your app home screen, click on "UPGRADE" under the Main Wallet at the top right. Then click on "Become a Product Ambassador". Swipe through the prompts till the end then select your source wallet and submit! N20,000 will be deducted from your wallet as a one-time activation fee for this purpose.

Yes. All earnings from cashbacks, commissions and cash rewards are sent to your Commission Wallet. You can click on "Withdraw" under Commission Wallet, enter information for your desired beneficiary local bank account and submit. Your transfer will be processed instantly.

Please note that funds in your Main Wallet cannot be withdrawn to the bank as this will be against CBN guidelines.

You can make purchases on Paydimension, upgrade your account or send money to a friend's wallet using either of the Main or Commission Wallets.

Funds sent to a friend's wallet from your Main Wallet will enter the beneficiary's Main Wallet and vice versa.

No. Monies in either of your Main or Commission Wallets will remain same for as long as you wish till you use them.

We advice that you confirm the owner of the referral ID you use as beneficiary while making wallet transfers. Paydimension validates every ID and displays the recipients name under the ID you enter.

If the funds in your selected wallet is sufficient to complete the desired transaction, in most cases, it is possible that you have not verified your email address. To do this, check in your inbox or spam/junk folder and click on the link sent to you to verify your registered email. If the link has expired, check at the top of the home screen for a button to resend the link.

After verifying your email address, please logout of the app and login again.

If you have successfully verified your email and there is no prompt at the top of the home screen for you to verify your email address, and the issue still persists, please contact support through our Live Chat found in the HELP menu of the app or send us an email at support@paydimension.com

Yes, you can change your referral ID within the first 24hours of signup. After this time, you will no longer be able to change it.

To change your unique ID, click on the picture icon at the top left of the home screen after you log in, then click on "Edit Profile". A new interface will display for you to enter your desired referral ID and you click "Update" when done.

To reset password:

  • If you're not already signed in, on the login screen, enter your registered email address and click "Reset Password"
  • A mail with a link will be sent to your email.
  • Click on link and follow the prompt to set a new password then submit.
  • Return to the app to login with your new password.
  • If you're already signed in, click on the picture icon at the top left of the home screen, scroll down till you find "Reset Password", click on it and a link will be sent to your registered email address.

To reset transaction PIN:

  • Login to app and click on the picture icon at the top left of the home screen, scroll down till you find "Update Transaction PIN", then click on it.
  • If you still remember your old PIN, enter it and then set your new PIN and click "Update"
  • If you do not remember your old PIN, click on "Request Default PIN" on the displayed interface and a mail with a default PIN will be sent to your registered email address.
  • Copy the default PIN and return to the app to use on as your default PIN, then set your new PIN and click "Update".